Does unisom make your urine smell bad

This can be seen in severe diabetes or low carbohydrate diets. Pee is usually clear or pale yellow, with a mild smell. Learn about the diseases and conditions that may cause urine odor, and read about the medications that treat it. The darker and stronger the smell, the further you are into ketosis. Find out what your pee color means Urine Smells. Keep in mind these vitamins are in most multivitamins. Best wishes, take care, please Bloating or fullness, Cloudy urine with strong odor, Foul smelling stools and Increased passing gas. I am so glad that I dont go out now and that we dont have visitors the way we used to!!!lolol. One of the factors to pay attention to is the way urine smells — which can be related to our dietary choices. Urine might does unisom make your urine smell bad smell foul because, as the body is breaking down chemotherapy agents and metabolizing them into new compounds, some of those compounds that are eliminated in urine have their own odor. My urine is very strong and has an offensive odor. Ahead, doctors explain how certain foods, UTIs, medications, and various health conditions can cause smelly urine A high-salt diet can also make your urine more concentrated, giving it a stronger scent than what you may be used to. Diabetes can change the smell of your pee to a slightly sweet scent, as the condition means your body is unable to break down excess sugar (glucose) into energy Passing yellow floating stools with bad smell. Bananas, Salmon, Turkey & Chicken: According to, Foods that come packed with vitamin B-6, when consumed in large amounts can cause urine odor. 8 reasons why urine smells. I did not have a UTIthe smell is very strong and it smells very bad. Perhaps this maybe the cause of the urine to have an unfamiliar odor, please do talk with your doc too to seek a more accurate answer. Liver, Gallbladder and pancrease (pancrelipase) enzymes are normal. Other conditions can cause your pee to smell musty or have a sweet aroma Some foods that make your pee smell are totally healthy. I do not leak. Like most supplements, excess vitamins can cause some side effects in the body, including changes in urine odor.

Does bad your urine make unisom smell

Not drinking enough water. Keep in mind, urine smelling strongly of ammonia is a sign of dehydration. Gott: I am a rather healthy 78-year-old female. I went to the doctor and he found nothing that would cause it. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms cloudy urine with strong odor and cough including Common cold, Bronchitis, and Urinary tract infection (UTI). Alcohol and Coffee: Both alcohol and coffee can cause smelly urine because they are diuretics However, if your diet is lacking in essential compounds, taking vitamin supplements can boost the amount of necessary micronutrients. However, consuming large amounts of the vitamin may make your urine smell a little strange For the most part, there’s nothing threatening about having a stronger odor to your urine and the condition can be easily resolved. In the uk, data suggested about half of 31, also, color, smell, and consistency your urine can give you. "A urine infection will make your urine smell pretty foul at times," Shah says. People who take higher doses of Unisom Sleep Tabs should be under a doctor's care. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action I have had a VERY strong smell to my urine for weeks. Garlic—which also contains sulfur—and fenugreek, Brussels sprouts, curry, and high protein diets can also cause your urine to smell like fish does unisom make your urine smell bad or something rancid. Common causes of smelly pee. This isn’t always a cause. Kaaki says vitamin B and vitamin D can cause a similar smell. Common things that can make your pee smell stronger include: certain types of food and drink, like asparagus or coffee.11 reasons why your pee smells weird why does my urine smell bad? Urine color can tell a lot about your health and can change because of medications, food, and health conditions. Dr. But some foods -- especially asparagus, which has a smelly sulfur compound -- can change the odor. Urine doesn’t usually have a strong smell. chemical. After a night's sleep, urine is more concentrated and odorous as well as brighter yellow in color. Bacterial vaginosis Urine Smell. Foods that contain lots of vitamin B-6 can cause urine to smell strongly if you eat enough of it. Getty Images 3 of 11. Certain foods or supplements too may cause urine to smell. For many of us, it may seem a little gross to talk about, but our urine can actually tell us some important things about our health and the foods we’re eating. Sulfonamide antibiotics This extra salt and water is passed out through the urine. Dutta says. Photo courtesy of Pexels, Public Domain. According to a 2010 study, the reason asparagus makes your pee smell is that it acts. According to a 2010 study, the reason asparagus makes your pee smell is that it acts. Bacterial vaginosis "A urine infection will make your urine smell pretty foul at times," Shah says. Here are a few examples However, if you do have some of those symptoms, and notice a change in the smell of your urine, it could be worth heading to your doctor to get a blood test, to be sure. For best results, take Unisom. Most of the time, urine does not have a strong smell if you are healthy and drink plenty of fluids. 11.


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