Stories with giddy quirk, wit, imagination, and playful dark humor.

M. D. Flyn is a voracious reader, a writer, a chocolate inhaler, and LGBT.
A lover of all things fantasy, scifi, and otherwise odd, she is a perpetrator of geekery.
She began as a fluffy little thing, hiding in the woods with a good fairy tale. Years and lots of children later, she has returned to the birches of New Hampshire.
Her superpower is breaking mechanical things by thinking about them.
She is easily distracted by sparkly things.
In her spare time she gets glitter in the cracks between the floorboards, and pesters the local paper about homelessness.
A goth cheerleader for the little guy, she aspires to be your geek mom.
Rarely restrained by her good sense, she runs amuck.
Rejoicing in beautiful weirdness and sarcasm, you can visit her at her blog or on Twitter @mdflynwriter.

M D Flyn

M. D. Flyn is a speculative fiction writer whose stories explore themes of individuality, belonging, and empowerment. Her work encourages the misfits to stop trying to fit. Her interests span from a steampunk frolic to post-apocalyptic decay, with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Good New Englanders sacrifice the baby to the lobster

You can see photos from my writing process and fluffy life here.

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