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Penning the Pandemic

Contributor Penning the Pandemic

This international anthology of memoir, poetry, drama and short stories captures the impression of writers in the early period of the COVID pandemic. Creative writing applied to the sudden global crisis of 2020 shares the shock, the agony, the courage, and the resilience of humanity in extraordinary times. After science and politics have had their say, art is left to record what the survivors felt and what they learned at heart.

My piece How Do You Birthday During A Pandemic? is on page 25

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Contributor The Mud Chronicles

The Mud Chronicles
The Sweet, Sharp Bits In-Between by M D Flyn, page 123

The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology includes works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and images from New England writers and those who have a strong connection with the region. These works reveal the transitional essence of “the fifth season” in both physical and emotional landscapes.

Experience of our “fifth season” highlights this anthology, showing how much landscape and seasonal cues matter to our contributors. Plus, beings of metaphor that we are, the fifth season reminds us of emotional transitions, of times that don’t fit smoothing in the unfolding of life, that mark a shift in who we were and who we will become. – Sara Miller

Lasagna and Successes

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Lasagna and Successes