M D FlynLasagna and Successes

Lasagna and Successes – A Short Story

In this noir short story a woman discovers a terrible secret, and chooses to solve her problems with lasagna.

She is a woman worn down by life, not so uncommon. But it turns out her husband is anything but common.
When she finds something suspicious in the trunk, her troubles are just beginning.
Will lasagna solve her problems, or is the danger even deeper than she thought?
Follow along on a suspenseful journey as she struggles to reconcile herself with his “successes.”
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“Staring outside, at the neighbors leaving for work. Somehow even the ones in a rush still have more happiness in their faces than he ever does. It’s a willingness, a pliability in their expression, as if they could smile, if you gave them the chance.”

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*“Great short! Give it a read!!” Richelle Renae

*“Enjoyed that.” Graham Stewart

*“I just read it and I love it!” Nathaniel Kaine


Lasagna and Successes

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About M D FlynRejoicing in beautiful weirdness.
M. D. Flyn is a voracious reader, a writer, a chocolate inhaler, and LGBT. She perpetrates geekery, a lover of all things fantasy, scifi, and otherwise odd. She writes speculative fiction that explores themes of individuality, belonging, and empowerment. Her work encourages the misfits to stop trying to fit.
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