Penning the Pandemic

Penning the Pandemic

This international anthology of memoir, poetry, drama and short stories captures the impression of writers in the early period of the COVID pandemic. Creative writing applied to the sudden global crisis of 2020 shares the shock, the agony, the courage, and the resilience of humanity in extraordinary times. After science and politics have had their say, art is left to record what the survivors felt and what they learned at heart.

My piece How Do You Birthday During A Pandemic? is on page 25

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About M. D. Flyn

About M D FlynRejoicing in beautiful weirdness.
M. D. Flyn is a voracious reader, a writer, a chocolate inhaler, and LGBT. She perpetrates geekery, a lover of all things fantasy, scifi, and otherwise odd. She writes speculative fiction that explores themes of individuality, belonging, and empowerment. Her work encourages the misfits to stop trying to fit.
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